Give Contacts Permission to log into the Customer Portal

Last Modified

Thu May 30 15:44 GMT 2019


  • How can I give a contact access to the Customer Portal to submit tickets?
  • How can I give a person Portal Admin access so they can view more tickets?


  • N-able MSP Manager


  1. Sign in to MSP Manager at
  2. Click on the Customer menuicon in the left side bar menu.
  3. Select the customer to whom the contact belongs and click Contacts from the left navigation pane.
  4. Select the ellipsis icon next to the contact that requires portal access and click Edit Contact.
  5. Click the check box for Portal User or Portal Admin.
    • Portal User allows the contact to submit tickets and view only those tickets they have submitted.
    • Portal Admin allows the contact to see all tickets they have created, as well as tickets created by any other portal user within their company.
  6. Click the save icon to confirm your changes and send the portal invite to the contact's email address.