Email responses do not append on the same ticket

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Tue Jul 23 09:27 GMT 2019


  • This article details how email responses get appended to existing tickets.
  • There are some cases where email responses creates new ticket requests.


  • MSP Manager


  • There are conditions to be followed for email responses to get appended on the same existing ticket:
  • The ticket number (ex. TicketId[100025432]) is included on the email response. Usually can be seen at the very bottom of the email/email thread.
  • If TicketId is missing, review HTML codeline for email templates to make sure that line ( <span height="1" width="1" style="visibility:hidden; display:inline-block; color: #fff;" id="TicketID">TicketId[{{ Model.TicketId }}]</span> ) is not missing
  • The sender is from the domain associated on the contacts of the Customer where the ticket is open from.
  • Make sure that on the Ticket, the Ticket ID is included on the response. Ticket is different from a ticket number. The ticket ID is the set of numbers at the end of the URL.
  • Confirm that the sender's email address is the associated domain for the Customer where the ticket is created.
  • Check the domain: Customers > Select the Customer > Edit Customer> Email Domain.